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Dec 19, 2014
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I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on what they think the best tool is to use for managing multiple GMB location pages? I have 17 for a client and I'm trying to figure out what to set them up with.
Hi Warren,

Moved to the citations forum where the citations pros check. Also bumping to try to get you some answers.

Have you looking into Whitespark and BrightLocal?
Thanks Dustybones. Whatever I get will have to be able to add/remove citations from the larger data aggregaters. I am looking for the best option between Yext, Brightlocal, Moz and Whitespark. Ive used Moz for one location business but I think it might be cost prohibitive for something with like 20 locations.
Sorry, I thought you were looking at just GMB pages. I pretty much do manual audits and cleanup using a company outside the states and verify all the top teir local citations myself. I work in a very speciafic niche, so I've worked out a list of sources we claim and manage. I do use brightlocal as a backup to find additional NAP issues and to update sites that require you to use a service.

I have used Whitespark in the past and was very pleased with the service, It's more cost effective to do the work myself. I'm one of the people that believe that doing the work manually doesnt lock you into a yearly fee. Its more work up front, but you have control when its done. One thing to keep in mind when using a service like MOZ and YEXT is that your still going to have to monitor things. Syncing data is never perfect.
I am looking for the best option between Yext, Brightlocal, Moz and Whitespark.

I have found an automated solution like Yext* to be both the most effective (listings synced and dupes gone fast) and easiest to use where scale is concerned. However, you should be fine with manual solutions like Whitespark and BrightLocal with your amount of locations. Something like Moz or Sycara can be used for large data aggregators (which should be fine with 17 locations), however when moving into the hundreds of locations it's just much more effective to work with each aggregator directly (if you have the agreements).

*Yext is a client of Local SEO Guide
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I use Moz Local for all my accounts and use bright local to find other relevant citations. I as well prefer to do it manually with my team since it seem to be more efficient in the long run. I use white sparks and yext but those are not worth it in my opinion. Also I NAP Hunter on google chrome to check citations as well. there are many other cool tools but those were the ones I found most useful for my needs.

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