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Oct 20, 2015
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Has anyone had success finding local citations for mobile businesses? I work with a lot of people that work "from home" and go their customers for the service. I know with Google My Business you can tell it to hide your address.

I've looked and only found one semi-decent list of citations. Thanks in advance :)
Phil's list is the best in existence.

One thing to keep in mind is that these sites almost never get viewed by real customers looking for the business. I'd hide your address on the sites you can, and not worry about it on the sites you can't. You don't want to miss building important citations over a non-issue like this. If it's a service area business, no one is going to show up at their door.
Bingo! Exactly right. Thanks for that, Darren!

And thanks Colan for the link to Phil's post.

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