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Jun 28, 2012
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If you are looking for hot new niches to prospect, local advertising trends and stats for local search - I have a great new resource for you today. TONS of small businesses still do yellow page advertising, so YP is a great source of intel about what types of businesses are investing dollars for local advertising. And their latest report is filled with stats you need to know.

For instance, did you know that Mental Health Services is the fastest growing advertising category in the Yellow Pages? Antiques and Hardware stores are up there too.

The YellowPages just released their Q3 2012 Local Insights Digital Report which is FILLED to the brim with rich data like the following.

As far as the Top Local Advertiser Categories Based on Ad Spend - there are no big surprises. However an enterprising Local Search Consultant may want to go niche digging to see what types of businesses are hiding under that #6 category: "Materials, Equipment, & Supplies." Just sayin' :p

Highlights of the report include:

.:. Top local category and vertical searches
.:. Mobile and online growth categories and trends
.:. East Coast vs. West Coast search trends
.:. Geo-targeted advertising trends from the YP℠ Local Mobile Display Network
.:. Local advertiser trends including which categories are spending and growing the most

The report also yields lots of rich data in terms of WHAT local searches are actually searching for. Here is a sampling of 6 of the Top Growth Search Categories

1. Pool & Spa Services ▲86%
2. Boats & Boating ▲80%
3. Outdoor Recreation ▲76%
4. Home & Garden ▲59%
5. Book Stores ▲47%
6. Grocery Stores ▲42%

If you target any of those verticals some of these numbers may come in handy, no?

From the YP Blog...
Download The YP Local Insights Digital Report, Q3 2012

How do consumers search? What are they searching for? And where are they searching from? And how effective are geo-targeted mobile ads? The YP Local Insights Digital Report, Q3 2012 can help answer those questions.

This latest installment is based on data from 573 million searches and over 10 billion impressions in Q2 2012 across the YP℠ Local Ad Network's 300+ online, mobile, IPTV and directory assistance publishers.

Download The YP Local Insights Digital Report, Q3 2012 Here.

What do you think? Find any interesting "insights"? :)
That's a great share, lots of good niche ideas for prospecting and lead gen.

Many thanks Linda.

Now I wonder if I can find something similar for the UK... :rolleyes:

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