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Sep 27, 2012
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Curious if anyone has experimented with creating local pages via blog posts vs. adding a new page to the main site architecture? All things being equal, is one better then the other?

Blog posts seem to be easier create for someone who is not a programmer but having pages as part of the main site structure seems like it may provide more natural authority.
Oct 27, 2013
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My experience is limited to my site, but here is what I have seen:

We are located in Portland, but also want to rank some of the suburbs. I have created landing pages for several of the most important. They are unique pages, and I think the internal linking to them is solid. I even managed to get a few external links to them. The result? Nothing. They don't rank. At all.

However, I have also done blog posts like "What we love about working in [suburb]" These have ranked- one in particular has been on Page 1 for several years in a major affluent suburb.

My thought is that G wants to serve some diversity in the SERP, so a blog post may be seen as providing that. Or maybe it's something else?

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