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Jan 16, 2013
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Hi All,

I mainly work with clients who have 350-500 locations each. This makes link/citation building quite a challenge. I have spent many, many hours searching, emailing and asking directories is they have a free bulk upload ability. Most do not. I just wanted to share some I found that do and hope anyone that knows of any others will share.

Google Places
Bing Local
Factual (I had to email them directly) (I had to email them directly)

Thanks all.

Great topic and wonderful share Jason!

I hope others will add to the list. Will Tweet and see if we can get some participation.
Hey Jason, I have also worked with in the past to submit listings. In addition, you can contact and obtain a spreadsheet for free bulk listings. I found that they are a lot easier to work with than vitals and they add your content super fast.

I am sure I know of more but I will have to think about this!
Hi Andrew,

Very interesting.

I tried to work with Healthgrades on a bulk upload recently and they are now charging. When I worked with them in the past I had a horrible experience, it took 6 months for them to make the upload and them right before they were going to do it they came back and tried to charge me a crazy amount of money, like $70,000.

My experience with Vitals was great though.
Hey Jason, maybe it was who you worked with on this? I had a girl named Robin who assisted me with literally everything. This was around 2 months ago so they may be charging now but I am not sure. I just sent the spreadsheet over and my listings were on site by the next day.

Funny how situations can be completely different depending on who you talk to. I also was only submitting around 20 doctors so I am not sure if that would make a difference.

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