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Apr 10, 2022
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I hope I'm at the tail end of the latest gmb anomoly I've encountered.

As a SBE who personally manages our operations as well as having a vested interest in local SEO, I oversee two physical locations in a medium-sized city in Aus spaced several kms apart. Thisweek I observed that only one of these locations displayed a prominent "Book Now" button I hadn't noticed previously. My online booking provider's incompatibility with Google Reserve means I have just utilised a link to a subpage on my website for "appointments" or bookings" which typically has displayed as a small link secondary to the main webpage.

At first I thought the listing had gained some form of elevated status, but then realised the newly feautred link led to an online booking platform I have never utilised - listing a service in a foreign currency we have never offered. Attempts to edit the profile would allow me to add additional platforms but not to remove this"featured link" despite never having added it in the first place.

Fortunately, the platform, despite being based on the other side of the world responded quickly via whatsapp and efficiently to my concern. They were initially surprised by my dissatisfaction with the "free" featured link they had added to my listing, but soon realised this is clearly a case of mistaken identity. They suggested that perhaps I had signed up to one of their directories ? Regardless, they eventually comprehended the situation and initiated its removal from Google. As of yesterday they have assuring me that while it is currently still displayed, that within 24-48 hours google will have updated its server and it will be removed.

SEO remains a critical component of our business strategy, even as we navigate the complexities of modernizing our approach from practices established a decade ago in terms of our name and domain name, I have been left very anxious that they may cause further damage in their removal process. While I am not sure exactly when this came into affect, I can say that looking into next week, the affected location is 70% down on bookings in comparison to the location which is still directing customers to the right place.

I suppose if I was utilising a platform which did sync with Google reserve and they suddenly awarded me a standout "book now" button I would of been pleased, but I am worried at the ease at which this has happened by a platform I have never utlised. I wonder if anyone else has come across this? and I also wonder how long ago the incorrect link was put in place and perhaps was only just recently given prominence. As e spend on google adwords this is very frustrating.

As I'm assured its almost resolved I won't ask for intervention from google at this time as I'm terrified of triggering a suspension or anything else which could effect the source of the majority of our revenue, I hope to wake up tomorrow with it resolved. Ive also removed the name of the platform for now as I feel although they have made a mistake, its the ability for them

358C0DAC-0F88-433D-82B9-B6FA7C2EA7E6 2.jpg

3376B55D-47E6-4274-908B-D3DF0188574D 2.jpg to do so without any input on my part that is the concern and that seems to be a privilege awarded to them by google. They have been helpful in resolving this for me til now (although their initial assurances that there was no need for concern, "customers would just message them for future bookings and they would pass it on to me" wasn't received well)
Has the link been moved? You were right to go directly to the 3rd party booking platform to get this removed, as it is the only way to do so.

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