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Jun 28, 2012
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Busy week? Today might be a good day for you to take a break and catch up on the latest local SEO and Google+ Local news you may have missed. Following are just a few October posts I hand picked for you.

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Recent news and great discussion topics, in no particular order:

Google Business Forum VIDEO Wrapup - October 19 2012
Jade's latest video. Hot off press from Saturday

Google+ Local Review Q&A + Great Tips

<a href="" target="_blank">Local SEO Warning: City in Title Tag - Former Google Spam Team Member Speaks Out</a>

<a href="">New Google LOCAL Algo Changes - Here's the Scoop</a>

<a href="">LOCAL Keyword Research Tools and Tricks</a>

<a href="">Local SEO Ranking Expert Survey - How Long Does It Take to Rank?</a>

<strong><a href="" target="_blank">Yelp Fake Review Sting OUTS SMBs, Warns Consumers</a>

Tackling Local Citations - Where To Start?

Can We Trust the Major Aggregators? Whats the Best Way to Propagate NAP Data to IYPs?

<a href="">Yay! PERMANENTLY CLOSED - Moved Business - Google Update</a>

Business Listings Deleted by Google - Do Not Support Location Update

<strong><a href=""><strong>You Thought Google MapMaker BOTs Were Bad?</strong></a></strong> See Image, New Patent! LOL!

<a href="">Local Exact Match Domains Still Rank - Google Algo Update</a>

<a href="" target="_self">New Google Local Site Preview Highlights Competition</a>

There are too many new posts to list so, click "Recent Posts" at top of forum to read the rest.

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