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Jun 28, 2012
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Learn to Think Like Google

All the Local Search consultants that have taken my Advanced Google+ Local training have heard me explain that to be successful in this business you need to "Learn to Think Like Google".
And I teach multiple ways to do that.

You need to think like Google to understand how she looks at spam patterns so you can avoid all the things that can trip a filter and to help you understand some of the unwritten rules of this game. And you need to understand how she looks at and interprets data.

Speaking of data and learning to think like Google, the point of this post is really to share an ultimate resource with you.


Think With Google is filled to the brim with insights and stats directly from Google.

Above I linked directly to the articles that deal specifically with Local Search.

I've had several people this week ask be for local search stats, so where better to send them that direct to the source. You'll find some great local search stats as well as compelling evidence about the power of local search you can share with clients there.

Here is an infographic, just one of the resources you'll find inside Think With Google,

Click image for full size infographic


I thought what better way to learn to "think LIKE Google" than to "think WITH Google", right?
So decided to share for anyone who was unaware of this resource.

Have you checked out Think with Google before?
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Hey Linda, can you check that bottom infographic link? I'm getting something that isn't an infographic...
Yes the embed code was borked and would not display. So I just grabbed an image but when you click the image it goes to the PDF infographic.
Priya makes an excellent point. I have been sharing the think with Google post for a year. They seem to generate more questions and interest than any other type of content I email to my clients. I use tout app to track data. This isn't a hunch.
I love this resource Linda - especially all the research that Google does. Great for sharing with doubting clients :)

The latest one ([url][/url]) is pretty impressive. Slowly working my way through it all and how we can use the insights in real life (i.e small budgets, minimal time, just-make-it-happenitis)

I was just looking for posts to share for today's mobile webinar and scanned this one.
Powerful stuff for our segment on mobile and user behavior!

Thanks for sharing Priya!

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