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Jan 25, 2017
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Hi Everyone,

Anyone have some advice on putting together an OAR specifically for Local SEO. I just want to share thoughts, insights, and ideas. What do you consider as "must review" items from a Local Search standpoint.

Google My Business
Data Aggregation
Site Navigator
Internal Meta Optimizations
Store Landing Pages
Reputation Management - Reviews

What else would you include?

Thanks all, :)
Pardon my ignorance but can you clarify what an oar is? :D

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A few that I would add to the list:

1. Competitor Analysis (Organic and Local analysis)
2. Site Speed
3. Mobile Friendlyness
4. E-A-T Analysis (more on that here)
4. Algorithm Analysis (how have major algos impacted the website and overall performance)

I'd also make sure that I am breaking the GMB component down into specific sections. For example I would look at:
1. Are they being filtered? (Possum, Hawk updates)
2. Is their physical location within the physical boundaries of the city according to Google Maps?
3. Are the correct GMB categories selected? Especially the primary cat.
4. Are all the applicable attributes selected inside GMB?
5. Use of photos, Google Posts
6. Are there ineligible listings that outrank you? If so, report them

What Colan said. I'd add that there are gobs of other items worth looking at, depending on the clients, on your scope of responsibilities, etc.

I'd probably divide them up into at least 4 sub-lists: "Site," "Links," "Listings," and "Reviews." Maybe a 5th: "Anti-Spam."

Even then, tons of items. To name just a few of the basics in each:


a. Does the homepage have a blurb on each main service?

b. Does the homepage have a blurb on each location (multi-location business)?

c. Do you link to relevant subpages generously, outside of the main nav?


a. Does your client have some links that only businesses in his/her industry can have?

b. Does your client have some links that only businesses in his/her city can have?

c. Does your client have some links that none of his/her competitors has?


a. If your client is eligible for "practitioner" or "department" listings, do you have listings for those practitioner or department listings?

b. Is your client listed on the local/industry directories on page 1?

c. If your client isn't too good at earning links, have you considered using the homepage as the landing page URL for your local listings? (Often a good move.)


a. Do you get reviews on a variety of sites (beyond just Google)?

b. Have you considered flicking off any ORM software that gets you a bunch of testimonials from customers, but few or no reviews on third-party sites?

c. Does anyone at the company respond to reviews - with non-boilerplate responses?


a. If you can't get Google to fix a competitor's spammy / keyword-stuffed name, have you tried a partial edit? (Those often work.)

b. Do you regularly check Yelp for spammy competitors that rank well in Yelp's category searches?

c. Do you have a system for following up on your anti-spam edits, and resubmitting them when necessary? (Competitors often don't give up easily, and it becomes a war of attrition.)

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