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Oct 25, 2018
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Hello everyone!

I'm wondering what tools you guys use to monitor and find duplicate listings and inconsistencies in Google My Business. I've used Pleper for a few months but I realize its not working for us. I'd love to have a tool that would also help us monitor the information on our listings (for example, if a phone number get changed/removed, that I would get a notification about it).
Great question.


Thanks Rosa!
Pleper's Duplicate tool stopped working recently and I've also had some issues with it recently so we are also looking for a new provider for this.
We are also using Pleper, but it just isn't working. We'll only sometimes get an email if there is a new review (and sometimes a review from years ago). But we rarely get an email in a timely manner for listing updates such as name changes, category changes, or phone number changes.

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