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Jan 9, 2018
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I set up a local service ad for an attorney who was very enthusiastic about the idea, since competitors in his region are not doing it. Like most attorneys, she gets a fair number of calls that are unproductive. Just got a call from her saying she got such a crack pot type call from local service ad that cost her $131!! She is not happy with me, and I am not happy with Google!
I have had this issue with LSA since its inception. The people who call me from LSA are not nearly as good of leads as I get from GMB or organic.

LSA is like the Craigslist of Google, just poor quality leads. I am not happy with what I pay as a contractor, I would be livid if they were costing me $131 each lol.

As for your customer not being happy with YOU, she signed off on it (she was enthusiastic, as you said) and there is nothing you can do to make the leads better, so its on HER.

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