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Yikes Joy! I will have to check that out. I do like Local Viking mainly for its GEOGRID local search feature. I use the tracking as well and some weekly reporting, but for the rest I like to do everything in GMB manually. I will tell you this, I have gotten a lot of clients by doing video reports using the Geo-Grid section. I go over here in a video Local Viking Review and it really is an awesome feature! Basically it will show a specific grid size over their location and where their GMB is ranking. So that good thing is if they are ranking say 10 for a specific term you can click on it and it will show who is ranking above them. Once they see their competition above them it is game over! They want to win and now you sell them on your service!
I believe HootSuite has something for doing Post Management on GMB profiles too. I remember looking at it a long time ago, but I never implemented it.
Their GEOGrid feature looks pretty similar to what Localfalcon has. If you're just using the Geogrid-type feature for sales/spot checks then I think Localfalcon is a little easier on the wallet. I'm not tracking day to day fluctuations, but just spot checking a few of the more competitive terms each month.
They talk a lot about their posting strategies ie. using EXIF location data and keywords to help rank. They seem to put a lot of weight on certain posting strategies that they have built functionality for (daisy chaining events and posts + EXIF Data). Does anyone have an opinion on whether they think that will work? Does anyone have any data on whether posts are worth it?
I believe HootSuite has something for doing Post Management on GMB profiles too. I remember looking at it a long time ago, but I never implemented it.

Pretty sure they don't. We use Hootsuite and haven't ever seen that option in there. When I contacted them, they were clueless about GMB Posts, and thought I was referring to the old Google + Posts. I had to explain to their support the difference, and they said they don't do that.
To test this out, I just connected the Sterling Sky GMB account with Hootsuite - I can view, and manage reviews, Q&A and Posts (and can post directly) from within my dashboard.

You have to add it as an APP to Hootsuite, but it's free - just go to the app directory in the sidebar and click install. Wade through the permission things you'll see with any management tool, and authorize the correct account. You can add multiple accounts - depending upon your Hootsuite subscription level.

One note - you cannot SCHEDULE posts. Also, you cannot manage chain location posts as Google doesn't allow that via the API (during COVID is an exception and everyone anticipates that will go away).

Here's what it looks like:
sterling sky 5.png

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