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Sep 29, 2015
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Most of the local submission services have a tool to evaluate your current visibility. I haven't used but it seems to be a popular one. I recently found some troubling info. I used the eval tool for a fairly new business on several sites that I had do some manual work with and used Inforgroup Express Update a few weeks ago. I wanted to see how things were going and decided to use LocalSiteSubmit's tool for the first time to see how well it worked. Check this out:

Moz Local tool results - 36% complete (mainly because they mainly check the main aggregators Localeze, Infogroup, Factual, etc instead of the actual directories they feed to. Interesting that after using Infogroup's Update Express premium for a month, that Moz doesn't see the business in Infogroup!)

GoDaddy Local - 44% Visibility

Yext - Very long comprehensive list (dozens of sites including the major ones: Google, Bing, Yelp, etc.) and 90% were status "Power Listing Detected" or something like that. What's weird is I never used Yext before! So I did a password reset and I go the reset password and logged in and my account user name is something like user3453453. So something else I signed up with automatically created an account for me on Yext, or, I asigned up for a free account and forgot! I thought Yext was a pay-for-use service? If you get it for free along with signing up for another service like Express Update, super!

LocalSiteSubmit - "[h=4]No business was found matching your search"[/h]
I'm sure I used the correct phone number and zip. So wither LocalSiteSubmit has been broken for the past couple of days or they want you to think you aren't listed anywhere and you REALLY need their services!?!?

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