Jun 6, 2019
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Does anyone know where clicks to these ads are tracks? GMB? AdWords? I am thinking maybe in GMB Insights as Map views?



Apr 14, 2019
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When you click on a local extension, they are taken to the GMB page that is connected to the adwords account. Personally, I create high converting landing pages for my ads, so this is a diversion tactic used by Google. However, it does increase CTR, and gives a local friendly address, but causes a decrease in my conversion rate. I quit using them, but it is tracked as a click through on your adwords account.

Tony Wang

Oct 13, 2014
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@Steven12 , good point. I usually show that extension for those reasons, but I need to look closer at the data. It's possible you're seeing lower conversion rates because the call won't get attributed to your ad, it'll go to the GMB page. But you're right, depending on the business it could be a real diversion.


Apr 14, 2019
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My "Click to Call" and Click to Text" Call to Action landing page is much stronger than a GMB landing page, I promise you that, and I hope yours is too...


Jan 2, 2019
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To answer the original question, @nmosier85 you can track those clicks in Google Ads as part of the location extension. You can go to the Locations tab (left sidebar) and then Per Store Report (top bar) to see the metrics per location. Google Ads and GMB are so disconnected that I'm sure GMB Insights picks up some/all data but I guess we would need to test if Google Ads with location extension is a driving a lift on GMB Insights


LocalU Faculty
Jul 18, 2012
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Activity from them is tracked inside Google My Business (they get lumped into Insights even though it's from Ads). If you want to track calls separately, you can. See this screenshot to show how.

When you start doing that, they will not show up in Google Ads as conversions but if you use call tracking you can report on these numbers to the client at least. They'll still get tracked in GMB Insights too (part of why I don't use Insights for reporting if I can avoid it).

You can also see clicks on the location extension inside Google Ads by segmenting it and seeing the clicks on "see location details".
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