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Sep 18, 2020
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Hi everyone,

Hope that someone can help me out. One of our clients (Eldi) does have multiple locations for refrigerators, dryers, dishwashers, vacuumcleaners etc.
Some of their locations are very close located to an Aldi (grocery store). Two different types of stores but with similar names. It's confusing for Google.

Because of the similar names, a few locations were marked as duplicate. Our tickets did help in some cases and the stores we're reopened by Google.
Example location Malmedy, Belgium. Case-ID: 3-6024000031823
Unfortunately Google declined our request to reopen our location in Schelle, Belgium(Case-id: 1-7185000031580).
Despite clear evidence that both stores are located next to each other, our requests for reopening the Google Business profile are denied.

Eldi vs Aldi - Different stores - Schelle.jpg

Problem is that both stores does have the same address as you can see in the image below.
Provinciale Steenweg 459, 2627 Schelle, Belgium

Eldi vs Aldi Schelle.jpg

To give you all the information, hereby the landingspages of the stores as well.
Are there any options to change Google's mind on this matter?
@Vincent_Bakker, interesting situation. Here is what I would suggest trying next:

1. Remove the "city" name from the GMB page. "Eldi" vs. "Aldi" probably isn't confusing Google, because those are distinct-enough brands. But "Eldi Schelle" vs. "Aldi Schelle" looks like more than a coincidence.

2. Work on your non-Google listings (i.e. citations) more, if possible. Here's probably the most relevant resource in your client's case: The 20 Best Local Business Directories (Citations) in the Netherlands
(They don't have one for Belgium, but many of the important sites will be the same.)

(Then go through the reinstatement again, if you haven't retried it already.)

3. If possible, get more Google reviews coming in, preferably with a little detail from customers on what appliances they bought. Not only do reviews in general make Google somewhat less likely to remove a GMB page, but the specificity of the reviews also will help by making it clearer that your client is not Aldi.
Hi @Phil Rozek,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I've changed the Business Profile name and added their core business to the name. Hopefully this will makes the difference for GMB (GBP nowadays). As well added the business to multiple business listings.

Did go through the reinstatment. Three times is the charm. 🤞

In the past I did some research on citation building in Belgium and do have a small list.
Darren (@whitespark) maybe you can use it for the Whitespark website.

  1. Handelsgids
  3. Goudengids | De n°1 gids voor lokale bedrijven in België
  4. Online advertentie om de zichtbaarheid van uw bedrijf online te promoten --> Select country Belgium
  5. Openingsuren en koopzondagen van alle winkels in België op
  6. CompanyMundo bedrijvengids, winkels en bedrijven vergelijken
  7. Bedrijvengids - Zoeken naar bedrijfsinformatie - Kompass
  8. Infobel België - Telefoongids
  9. BSearch - De eerste Bedrijvengids van België op het internet

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