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Aug 7, 2013
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I just wanted to here some thoughts on this. I am finding websites of health practices that have several locations with a Location landing page for each location. Each location page has Google Map, NAP etc. They also have a contact page with basic NAP and no Google Map listing all the locations on one page. I'm feeling like this is overkill and my initial thought is to consolidate all these pages, only showing one landing page for each location. I might be over thinking this, but my brain is mush this afternoon.
sorry, confused by the question.
Business has say 3 locations. So website has 3 location based pages with map, nap, and details specific to that location.
what's the deal with the contact page/s?
Thanks Wonderwoman. Your correct. The contact page lists the NAP. Basically they have 3 "location" landing pages and one contact page with NAP, No maps. Basically Duplicating. I might be over thinking this. Does it really matter whether we name it Locations or Contact.
Hi @dustybones

There may be more experienced voices here in the forum that want to chime in, but from what I understand, they're only "duplicating" the NAP. It's not the way I'd do it (sounds like it looks untidy) but I don't think it would be doing them harm.

And having the ability for people to find contact details on multiple pages is actually a good idea for local businesses. That's why it's in the header and/or footer of so many sites - technically that's showing on every page of the site.

The critical thing is to ensure each of the location pages aren't massively alike. I think Matt Cutts did a video on that very thing. Will go digging and see if I can find it. If so, I'll post the link later.

I'd probably be looking more for things like do the local landing pages use schema? That would be doing them good.
Best practice is no mixed NAP anywhere on the site.

If they have name, address, phone, name, address, phone for multiple locations on the same page, it can contribute to Google merging some of the G+ L listings, then it's a big mess.

So they could have a location page or contact us page that lists links to each location page. Northside office, downtown office, city 1, city 2, or whatever.

Then each location page should be linked to that location's G+ L page. SO in order for that listing in that city to rank, that location page needs to have CONTENT and NAP and Map. So the location page is almost like a combo home page and contact us page. Cuz if you link G+ L to a straight contact us type page it won't rank well because it's not KW optimized.

If I remember right Roto-rooter does a decent job with location pages and they usually rank pretty high. Have not looked at them for awhile and I think they have tried different strategies and some location pages were better than others. So I'd search plumber in a few cities and find some that rank #1 and look at them.

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