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Jan 24, 2016
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Hi all, I'm building a home inspection business and the website for it. In 2-3 years I will be expanding from my current city, Syracuse to another city Rochester that is 1.5 hrs away. There is no scenario in which the business is successful that I won't expand.

When building citations for this new website should I use the locations page for Syracuse or the homepage?

Its my understanding that if both locations were active right now that I would submit each location/location page to any directory I pursue, but with a single location usually the homepage is submitted.

Is their any reason that I wouldn't want to start building citations to the syracuse location page today rather than the homepage?
Hi Catch22Jacks and welcome.

The homepage is the easiest page to rank typically, so IMO it's too precious to waste.

So I think most consultants here would advise using home for Syracuse.
Then use a location landing page for Rochester.

Most consultants are off today/nite, so let's wait and hear what they have to say tomorrow.
When you say 'expanding' are you talking about opening up a new office location or just serving a larger area?

The reason I ask is it may be best to create another webpage for the Rochester location entirely (for reasons Linda mentioned). If done this way you also can cross-link the domains (via location pages) to gain some niche authority.
The most successful multi-location I have done involved separate sub-domains for each location. That is how the website came to me. Each acts as a strong homepage. With that said, I could see separate location pages working if an effort were made to make each page strong on its own.
"When you say 'expanding' are you talking about opening up a new office location or just serving a larger area? "

Rochester would be a new office location.
The best practice for multiple business location is to have a specific landing page for each location. By doing this, you can create a unique content focused on that one location.

In case you prefer to link to the homepage, you can always add your NAP at the footer of your site. Just make sure to use schema, so Google can easily determine your business info.

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