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Jun 7, 2020
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I have a client who is a physiotherapist with a practice in city A which is ranking fairly well for with his GBP.
He wants to attract customers from nearby cities B and C but obviously, his GBP won't rank there.
Is it worth creating location pages for those cities and if so what content should I consider adding to them to make those pages relevant?

many thanks
Service area pages can be a great strategy. I'd recommend reading our blog on the type of content you should include on a service area page.
Thanks, Jeff but these articles are for service area type of business (plumber, pest control, etc...) I wanted to know if it's worth creating location pages for businesses with a physical address like a dentist or a beauty salon. Thanks

Hi Nicoco, my apologies, I should have given more context in my answer.

From a semantics point of view, there are a couple of different terms used for individual pages for specific cities/towns. Location Pages are typically associated with a unique GBP location, while the term "city pages" or "local landing pages" may not be tied to a GBP. In any case, the same logic applies. You want to have relevant content for each of the city pages you are wanting to target. Don't just copy and paste the same content to multiple local city pages and change out a few words.

We often author separate city/neighborhood pages for those populations that are distinct enough to warrant unique and helpful information with the intent of high ranking SERPs without having a physical presence there. So let's say the business is located in "City A", but nearby there are other cities, "City B" and "City C", or perhaps "Neighborhood D". We've had great success with writing separate pages for those locations with relevant/helpful information. Often times those pages will rank #1 or #2 in the SERP for "keyword(s) City B", above the competition that actually has a physical location in that city.

We've had tremendous success with numerous clients getting top SERPs for "search phrase CITY" with well written and relevant local city pages, even when several miles away from their office location. For us, the key is to combine quality content that is specific to the target city, along with appropriate Titles, Meta Descriptions, Headers, etc. As an example, if you have a specialty like "sports physiotherapy" and the target city has secondary schools (high schools here in USA), colleges and universities with competitive sports that you can mention and tie into the need for a physiotherapist: injuries related to tennis, football, rugby, etc.

The only qualification to this, even if you are able to rank well in other cities is whether the service or product is unique enough or superior to the competition to warrant a further drive. If the physiotherapist's page ranks above the competition in another city, but that city has several other physiotherapists and requires the patient to drive an extra hour, it may not matter how well the page ranks due to lack of conversions. In the case of a medical provider, proven expertise can be a huge contributor to making a patient's decision on where to go.

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