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Apr 1, 2021
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Hey everyone! I thought I had bookmarked this for later reading but there was an article I think @JoyHawkins recently authored or shared regarding potential ranking benefits to having a longer single page of content (of similarly related subjects) versus standalone pages for each subject. I finally had some time to catch up on some reading but I can't seem to find that article. We've always had very good success with pillar content and hub/spoke strategies, so I was looking forward to reading this article. If anyone recalls seeing this post/article, I'd appreciate if you'd share the link. Thanks!!!
Hey @JeffClevelandTN, it was probably this: Case study: More content is not always better for ranking in Google

Often it's not a choice between the two: certain pages need to be detailed (e.g. homepage and high-priority "service" pages), whereas others can be more compact. Depends on a ton of factors, including how much local competition there is, whether you're trying for organic rankings or just want a page that can pull your GMB page into the local map results, how you're doing on links throughout the domain and to that specific page, and so on. Basically, you always should have a granular site structure, but when you need it vs. might want it it to strengthen your lead is the ongoing question.
Hi Phil, thanks for the link! However that isn't the one I was looking for. We're pretty thorough when it comes to our content writing and strategies. I totally agree with this article, and your feedback. We've likewise seen with our own clients, obtaining #1 serp with as few as 250 words of better written, structured and linked content in large MSAs. This was a more recent article. Will keep on looking and if found, will post here. Thanks again!

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