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Jul 26, 2012
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hello there, i recall reading a forum post in here that either linked out to an article or it was discussion where people were now telling clients its going to take 6 to 12 months to rank, gone are the 90 days or less. can anyone point that out to me, i cant find it now.


Glad you brought the article to my attention. I am still seeing a mixture depending on how high the competition level is with the keywords. I have ranked really well in one month while other areas are starting to take longer and longer. Thanks for the link!
Yep, thats the one. And many factors are contributing to the delays in ranking and heaven forbid if its a new site or you dont have access to do on page.
It really doesn't seem like there's a solid time table. I've seen quite a range of time frames, which also depends on when in Google's indexing cycle you get the page verified. Tricky business.

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