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Re: Possible dupe

Yah sure that sounds good Colan. Thanks.

The CSR at Google told me to wait 24-48hrs for the "data to flow to maps" this afternoon would be 48 hrs. After that should I give them a call back to see if they can merge the listings?
Re: Possible dupe

This deserves it's own thread. If you are ok with it, I can brake this off into it's own thread in the help section of the forum so we can get more eyes on it.

Is that good with you?

Good call Colan. I'm going to attempt to split all of Chris's posts out of
valesence's thread.
Colan had asked me to spit Chris's posts out valesence's thread into a new help thread.

But since it appears this is this same atty he already had a help thread for and it's related to the dupe issue, I merged it into same thread, so Colan can see the previous history on this we've already discussed and the issue would be easier to follow and not get disjointed.

So Colan, post #12 above and down is everything I split out from the other thread but it seems all related to me.

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