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Feb 28, 2013
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Hey there,

Having an interesting thing happen here. Made a Google+ page for a business (not through Places- didn't have the address at that time. Now went to make a Places listing (using same gmail account, all the same business info). Now it appears that after making the Places listing, Google has not merged the 2 together.

Any thoughts? 2pages.png

Pretty sure I know what's up Matthew but wanted to look at the Place page 1st.

I'm not finding it in maps at all. Didn't you say you created a Place page?
Can you log into Places and click the link to view on maps and give us the link?
Hi there Magic, the page on the left wasn't created in the Local category, so it wouldn't be eligible to merge with places or be upgraded to a Local G+ Page.

So, you should be fine if you focus your efforts to the G+ Local page that you created through the places dashboard. Which I assume is the page on the right.

The non-local can probably be deleted. That way it won't appear when users are searching within G+ and potentially diverting them away from your G+ Local page, which has the ability to receive reviews.

Hopefully that Helps
True Colan, but I don't think there is an active Place page anyway. That pink page is just a G+ page.
I was wondering about that. Looking forward to Matthew's reply.

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Yes those are the 2 I found. Neither one is a Place page AKA Google+ Local page. Neither has the review option or description or any of the other Google+ Local features.

That's why I asked you to log into Places dash to click the link to the Place page and see what happens.
Do not support? 404?

Also how long ago did you create the Place page?
Thanks Linda.

Places page was created earlier today, so not verified yet.

When I created the Places page, was the Google+ one created? How come the old one went 404? After I created the Places listing did it do that?
Not even verified yet? That detail would have been helpful to know upfront and we would not have needed to invest time in researching.

The way it works now, as soon as you create a Place page it will create the G+ page.
Then once the Place page is verified the G+ page will turn into a combo Place page and G+ page.
Ahhhhh, gotcha. Thanks! That makes sense.

What about Youtube for the Business? At what point should I make that so it will integrate? And is there anything else to do to make it integrate?

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