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Sep 5, 2016
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Hello Everyone

Wondering if anyone has had experience of this, one of my clients who has locations in different countries and they have asked me the best way to manage this element of GMB

GMB Messanger.jpg

I have directed them to the general help Doc as a starter Let customers message you - Google My Business Help

But I have also ensured that a member of staff will be responsible for interacting with this channel on a daily bases , normally the same people who respond to the google reviews at the location. As response time has to be good, as this will show in the KG and should be around 30 - 1 hour

I have also asked them to download Google Allo - A smart messaging app so more than one person can use the phone number at a time so they can spread it round the team. I have also told them that this can not be set up with the main line number as it has to be able to receive texts

Can anyone point me in the direction of what countries this service is now available in?

Is there any else I should be saying?
I'm not 100% sure which countries it's in but I know it launched in Canada quite a bit later than it was launched in the USA. I'll see if I can get a list from Google.
This option available in India as well. I think one approximately one year back its launched here.
Hi Everyone

Thanks for your help here in understanding messenger better

That list would be very helpful if we can unearth it from google

I think I should ask the client to get a set of localised sim cards so the responses are coming from a local number
Joy, what are the best options in your opinion in managing multi location Google messaging?
Hello again everyone

Having read Mike and Davids most recent article on street fight I am even more confused about what to recommend

"Mike: The problem with Google’s efforts in messaging, which is where social activity is rapidly increasing, is that its strategy continues to be totally hosed and not consistent across even its local platforms, let alone across Google.
For example, there is some dedicated SMS backend for consumers to communicate directly with the business via the Knowledge Panel, but the new upgraded Google Websites seem to be pushing WhatsApp. With telecoms Google is pushing RCS, and with its productivity suite, it’s pushing Hangouts. It would seem that to take advantage of the growing use of social messaging and to harvest the most data, Google would need to get its act together in this arena to fully socialize local."

Should I be telling them to use the GMB app ,Allo or Messages for Android

I think the safest would be to use the GMB App and sharing access more widely is something the client will just have to be aware of

I also can't see the messaging option on desk top any more only on the app and mobile

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