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Jan 30, 2018
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Has anyone else noticed this?

Normally when I search an address, there is a Google map at the top of the results. Normally, I'll right click it, and I can choose "open link in new tab", which gives me the Map view with (hopefully) the business listings that are at that address. This allows me to preserve my original SERP results so that I can easily navigate back to them without losing the Map result in the new tab.

Now it's only allowing me to "open image in new tab". I have to left click on the map now to get the regular map view, which forces me to repeat my original search in a new window in order to have the two windows open.

SO annoying :/
...Now it's only allowing me to "open image in new tab"....

Hey @Cherie Dickey, I cannot reproduce that issue. Here is what I get:

Sorry..was in a bit of a hurry when I wrote, so I might not have been clear.

@Tim Colling it looks like your screenshot is the snack pack form a KW search. I was meaning the SERP that comes after a street address search:

@Scott Rawlins - great catch! Yes, it's an issue when right clicking the map from the KP as well.
I hope it's a bug. I'm a creature of habit, and it's messing with my system, hahaa!
Ah, I see. And yes, I can reproduce that also. One way to work around it in Chrome is to drag the padlock into a new tab, it that helps you.

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