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Feb 16, 2022
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Hi all

I have an issue I am hoping you can help with.

I have a business which is UK based and one of our main keywords is “lorum manufacturers UK”.

When “lorum manufacturers UK” was searched in the past, the 3 pack/map stack would appear at the top of results, no matter what location the search was made in.

In all UK locations, we’d show in the 3 pack.

We have a competitor who uses an exact match business name to the keyword - their GMB name is ‘lorum manufacturers UK’.

In the last couple of weeks, when someone searches “lorum manufacturers UK”, the 3 pack doesn’t appear. Now only one, large local result appears in place of the 3 pack.

So the only local result a user will find, is the one of the exact match name company, even though there are many other relevant companies.

The local result appears so high and so large, that we have seen a massive drop in traffic for local results. Down from 500 clicks in January, to 80 clicks in February.

I’ve tried using the redressal form, because this company is actually called something totally different. I’ve also tried the suggest an edit to change name on GMB. They have bought an exact match URL though, which is, I assume why redressal and suggesting edit is not working.

Showing 1 company, just because they have an exact match keyword name, doesn’t represent user intent - the user is missing out completely on other results which would be relevant to them.

What I would like to know, is -

Can we get Google to show the 3 pack again, like it used to? Or is there anything we can do to get Google to understand this is a spammy result?

This has to be spammy, otherwise everyone would create GMB profiles with exact match names and dominate results.


- Competitor has purchased an exact keyword match domain and created a GMB with the keyword as the business name.

- When the keyword “lorum manufacturers UK” is searched, their local result shows, instead of the map stack

- We have tried a redressal and name change, to no avail.
If it's been 2 weeks, I would send it via the Redressal form again. Getting the name corrected is your best bet at getting the 3-pack back.
Thanks for the replies @JoyHawkins and @Colan Nielsen

Will definitely try the redressal form again. Can you just confirm, this is the correct place to post on the GMB forum? Sign in - Google Accounts

One thing we're trying to avoid is the competitor knowing who we are in this - although what they're doing is not correct, we don't want them to know it's us trying to stop them as you can probably imagine. That would be my only reservation about posting on the GMB forum and using the redressal form submission. Would it still be taken seriously by Google if I were to post with a different account do you think?
Yes, that's the forum.

Google doesn't care what account creates the post at the forum.
Hi everyone,

I posted to the GMB forum yesterday, and this morning I woke up to find that my post had been marked "Off Topic".

I've put everything into the below Google Doc - the first page is what I posted to the forum as the title, body and category. The second page onwards is all of the evidence etc.

Can anyone advise if there's anything I can do to avoid this getting marked as off topic? Is policies and guidelines the correct category? Really looking to get some help with this.

Thanks in advance,

Hey everyone,

It's been 2 weeks now since I last submitted the redressal form. I've also posted on the GMB forum but haven't had any luck so far. Would you still suggest the best bet would be to re-submit the redressal form?
Yeah, unfortunately this process isn't fast whatsoever. Thanks for helping out Jason!
Thanks so much for that, it's really appreciated. Just one more question if you don't mind... If the profiles re-appear, what would be the process? Just alert Google to them again?

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