Nov 25, 2016
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Hey all,

I have two quick questions when it comes to local SEO.

1. What would be the marketing strategy to promote the website in a specific city (example: San Diego) at the beginning? (The goal should be -> How can we generate max visibility in one month)

2. What will be the Outreach strategy to build links from the specific city (example: San Diego) based websites? Local websites only.

Answers are welcome.
Oct 25, 2013
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What would be the marketing strategy to promote the website in a specific city (example: San Diego) at the beginning? (The goal should be -> How can we generate max visibility in one month)

Paid ads. No joke, if your timeline is one month, local SEO, especially for a new business, is the wrong approach. For brand new businesses with a new website and a new GMB profile, you're looking at at least three to six months depending on the industry.

There might be some 'ninja' tricks out there to help speed things up, but I think the real success is going to be doing the fundamentals consistently. Building good backlinks for local/industry quality sites, getting a solid citation spread, getting a fast, relevant, optimized website that leads to conversions and has a low bounce rate, having good title/meta tags to maximize CTR, building reviews for Google and the appropriate 3rd party directories, keeping an eye out for competition that's using spam techniques to get ahead, etc.

For a new GMB profile and a new business in a city as big as San Francisco though, you're coming in with very unrealistic expectations if you're looking for a 30 day timeline.

For link building, this questionnaire is a good place to start. Helping the client to leverage their already existing volunteer time, donations, and business network is a good place to begin. For a grab bag of different ideas to go beyond that, check out this list. If you're going to really try and jump start things though, I imagine a PR-like approach would be best. What can you do that everyone's going to want to talk about?


Nov 25, 2016
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Hye James,

Thank you for the so quick response.

Also, I completely agree with you this is an unrealistic expectation from our client end. However, this would help to prepare a three to six months strategy for this industry.

Again, many thanks for answering my questions. :)

Have a great day.
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