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Dec 18, 2018
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Hey forum!

I'm trying to get Google to mark my clients GMB as moved. GMB support is requesting I remove the profile from my account, and all other account, so that it becomes unclaimed. Once it's unclaimed, they said they'll be able to mark it as moved. Before I do this, I wanted to check in here to see if the action GMB support was telling me to do was correct.

The situation: My client purchased a new location which 2 of their existing locations would merge into. One GMB has reviews and the other one does not. I updated the address for the GMB with reviews, and now I am trying to get the other GMB marked as moved.

Does this request from support sound safe?
Hey Jeffrey,

Last I checked, to do a merge, you had to have 1 listing unverified but not for a move. The difference between the 2 is usually the address. If the addresses are different, it's a move, if they're the same, it's a merge.
Hi Joy,

Does marking a business as moved appear differently then marking a businesses as permanently closed? Google said "It would show as permanently closed on Google once marked as moved."

If this is the case, what's the difference between marking a profile as permanently closed vs moved.
The difference is how it appears on search (not maps). If you search a business name and it's marked permanently closed, it shows in the Knowledge Panel as permanently closed. If you search a business name and the listing was marked as moved, you get the new location's listing instead.
whats the difference between marking as moved, and just logging in and changing the address in the dashboard, is one better than the other?
I would definitely update the address on the listing. The moved option is really only for cases where there was another listing created somehow and you need to consolidate them.
yea I have a weird situation.

Client has 2 listings:

1) Unclaimed listing with (new) correct address. Client doesn't know how it got created. Doesn't even have a phone number.

2) Claimed Old listing with reviews with (old) incorrect address.

clients get themselves into the weirdest fixes.
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In that instance, I would update the address on the claimed listing and reach out to Google after it is published to get the unclaimed one merged into it, because it's a duplicate. If you're doing it this way, don't bother claiming the unclaimed listing.

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