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Mar 28, 2019
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We're looking into creating location-specific videos for our Google listings, showcasing the property and the benefits we offer our customers. One of our competitor does this with their locations and their videos look great in the Maps mobile SERP and it really helps them stand out. Our company has over a thousand locations, so making videos for even a fraction of those is going to be a lot of work and potentially a big expense (though we're looking at some AI tools that could help).

One of the sticking points that I'm running into is measuring performance. I haven't found any way to natively check how many views a video uploaded to GBP by the business account gets. Our upper management team is big on knowing these kinds of things in order to justify the time and expense we put into the product. Has anyone found a way to measure GBP video views? Would we be able to get that kind of data if we uploaded the videos to our listings from a separate account, similar to how users can see how many views their photos are getting? Any recommendations are super helpful, thanks!
Hi @Annika Neudecker, your post caught my attention! As you probably know, Google about a year ago, permanently removed a lot of helpful metrics related to GBPs including photo views, post views/engagements, and several more. On/around the same time they were retiring those insights they introduced video uploads so to my knowledge there never has been a native way to see video views within GBP.

With that said though, I think your idea of uploading those videos using a separate Google account (like a customer would) might be a great workaround. But taking a look under Google Maps Contributions, there unfortunately isn't a way to see views for videos like there is for photos :(. I did some research and there likewise doesn't appear to be any third-party tools, that capture these type of interactions.

However, I think that your idea of using a secondary Google account to upload photos for managed GBPs could be a viable alternative for measuring photo views. Great idea!

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