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Jun 28, 2012
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<img src="" align="left" hspace="10" /> I'm thrilled to announce that the Local Search Community is expanding and we just added my friend Miriam Ellis to the team.

Most of you that have worked in Local for awhile know who Miriam is. She's a fellow contributor with me over at David Mihms "Local Search Ranking Factors" and you've likely read her blog filled with Local Search topics at Solas Web Design.

When I decided it was time to add to the team, Miriam was the 1st person I thought of. Why? Because she has extensive experience as a forum moderator, lives and breathes local AND is great to work with! She's the Local SEO Associate over at the SEOmoz Q&A Forum and she's also has been a Moderator at the Createasite Web Design & Search Marketing Forum since 2008 - so she has lots of moderation experience. Plus we've worked on some Local SEO projects in the past, so I know we work well together. So as you can see, on many levels she's a great fit and will be a welcome addition to the Local Search Forum team.

I asked Miriam to put together a little bio, so those of you who don?t know her already can get to know her.

<strong>Miriam Ellis Bio</strong>

I founded <a href="">Solas Web Design</a> with my husband in 2004 and we specialize in both traditional and local business website design, professional copywriting, consultation and website audits.

I adore my work as the Local SEO Associate in the SEOmoz Q&A Forum and I've been a moderator at Cre8asite Forums since 2008. I've been an annual participant in David Mihm's Local Search Ranking Factors since its inception and Solas Web Design is a recommended company. My work has appeared at Search Engine Guide, been cited by Search Engine Land and endorsed by Local SEO godfather, Mike Blumenthal. What I love most about my work is taking a local North American business from 'nowhere' to top visibility with an inclusive approach that brings usable design, optimization, Local SEO and strategic copywriting all into one powerful project.

In my free time, I'm into organic farming, hiking in nature and glorying in local wildlife.

<strong>Please join me in giving a warm welcome to Miriam, our new super mod!</strong>

PS I have more community news coming. Stay tuned for our new "Top Contributor" program.
(Ya better start posting more - Just sayin') :p Details to be announced soon.
Hi Everybody!!!

I am so happy to have been asked by Linda to become a moderator at this wonderful and worthy forum! In all the years I've been working in Local, I've longed for a place like this where all of us could ask questions and share what we know about the most dynamic field in SEO - Local!

I'm so looking forward to helping out here, and I especially love helping local business owners, so I eagerly anticipate hearing more about your unique businesses, your trials and triumphs and what you are doing to make your business stand out on the web. I believe every person involved in Local - whether a business owner or a Local SEO - is constantly, endlessly learning, so I'm sure I'll learn a lot from you and hope I can contribute some valuable ideas, too.

Again, thanks Linda for asking me to join the team. This is a happy day!!!


P.S. Here is by celebratory post on my blog:
SEO Igloo Blog ? Honored To Become A Mod At Linda Buquet’s Local Search Forum!
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Thanks Miriam, we're just really happy to have you join us. I need help to take this place to the next level PLUS really want to build community and create more of a team.

This will be a WIN/WIN for all. Especially for our members who will benefit from your involvement I know. So glad you were willing to step up and help me build this community.

So welcome aboard and excited to work with you again!
Congrats Miriam! Looking forward to learning from another one of the greats!
Welcome Miriam Ellis. Its great to have you here.
Thanks Linda for providing us a great companion in forum. This will be now more exiciting and workable to get answers and spread information here.

Thanks so much.

Pankaj Kumar

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