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Jun 28, 2012
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Wanted to share a screenshot of the new "Google Places Troubleshooter" that you get along with the new Google Places Dashboard, once you are upgraded.



To get to the "troubleshooter" click help from the dashboard, then contact us.

Above you can see a little different design and options laid out a little differently, as well as some new options.

But NOTE the "call us" link it right on top, front and center and therefore appears to be available for all types of problems now.

Initially phone support was offered as a test, only for verification problems.

Then at the end of January phone support was opened up to include "data problems" which I believe excluded things like dupe problems.

Plus the screenshot at the link right above, showed that the phone support option was a little hidden and easy to miss.

In the screenshot above, phone support is front and center. "CALL US" Very cool!

I announced in one of the many Google update threads I just did, that "At a Glance" snippets will soon be shown front and center right in the new "Places Search" results. See screenshot in this thread:
Major Google Local Update Rolling Out - Maybe Even STARS?

In the past, if these snippets were wrong or even totally terrible, it was tough to get them changed. And for quite some time Google even said they could not/would not change them - that it was pure algo driven.

So based on the new troubleshooter above it looks like help will be available too for "At a Glance" problems.

So again TONS of things are being improved. Some are not visible yet depending on what stage of the updates you are at. But MANY things are in the works that will make things better on multiple levels.

Please see a summary of a bunch of other updates that are happening right now here:
Massive Google Local Updates, Review Stars are Back & Tons More


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