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Dec 7, 2023
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I updated my address and its been stuck on pending for more than 2 weeks. I've done 2 verification videos, Emailed photos of the office door with the signage, the building front to Google support. I've uploaded new photos into my GMB profile for customers to find us easy (building front, office door and stock) yet it won't go live. It only says "delivery" like I am a delivery business of some sort.​

GMB support are completely useless, every day "please wait 24 - 72 hours, the specialists are working on it" "you are a valued client of google" balblablabla

Please help me as this is really effecting my business and losing revenue.
Hi Colin - the GBP help forum is useless for this. Who can actually help? I've got 2 listings in this situation including this one:

Having issues with "Google is processing your verification. It usually takes a few minutes." - it's been 2 months. EEEK. It's a school headquarters.

And another listing that's "verified pending edits" for 6 weeks. Looks like no one is the captain of the ship. Do we update the address again? or tweak something minor - move the pin a teeny bit? what do we need to do to trip the system to nudge verification?

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