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Jul 20, 2012
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I have a client that I set up an account for in my account several years ago. He is ranking 1 or 2 in the 7 pack. Now a new owner doesn't want to continue with my services.

What is the procedure to move his listing to the new owners account?
Do you think it will effect his rankings?

thanks Ron
I set up an account for in my account

Do you mean you set his listing up in your own account? That can be a big problem.
Do you have lots of other clients all in that same account?

Here are the instructions for transferring ownership, but I'm not sure that works if it was originally set up as an old place page.

I'm sure Colan can advise. Let's see if he sees this and has time to weigh in.
Thanks Linda

Yes the listing is set up in my own account.

I used to have several other clients in the account but now this is the only one. It was set up originally as an old places account.

Since it doesn't look I'll be working with the new owner, I would like to make a clean break and move it from my account. Also curious to know if this might effect his rankings.

The rankings I got the business get's a lot of traffic and new customers each month, but has his own people he listens to. But that is another story. :(

Linda is correct. All you need to do is transfer ownership to the new owners account. I've never heard of or seen this procedure causing a ranking hit.

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