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Sep 3, 2014
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Moz trims product line to focus on search, lays off 28% of staff

Moz, a company many SEOs have grown to love, announced they have made a strategic change to focus more on search, which means they are killing off Moz Content and Followerwonk.

Not sure that I ever loved Moz (except like, not love, for Moz local) but I never used Moz Content nor Followerwonk. I haven't been a Moz Pro subscriber for several years now, either.

Sad for the 28% of their staff that have been laid off. I hope no one we know has been affected.
Yes I hope no one we know got laid off either.

I just read they also laid off the entire community staff - including the leader of that dept. So maybe they won't be as social and community based as they were.
Wow! I wonder if/how this will change the resources they create down the line. I hope those that got laid off can find jobs easily due to the cachet the company carries.
Since they're in Seattle w/ lots of tech companies, they should get snapped up I hope.

The good news is that Local is one of their strongest products, so the focus there should continue.
although I feel bad for everyone who was laid off in the process, I think the strategic shift makes sense for a long term play. Like many other's (both here and on other SM channels) have mentioned, Moz content and followerwonk weren't really used. There are so many other tools like them, which were as good or better at a lower price point.

I'm excited to see how they develop their search and local tools. Keyword Explorer is one of my favorite tools now, and I lean on that more than Google's Keyword Planner now. Can't wait to see how they evolve their tool set.
Just want to say thanks for the very kind words in this post. It hasn't been an easy time, as Sarah Bird has mentioned, but I really appreciate the confidence being expressed in the future of Moz Local here. We are pretty excited about it!

And, guys, I'm still at Moz, still working away to make Moz Local a better and better product for our industry. Always feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Thanks again for the supportive comments, everybody. They are appreciated!
Oh YAY you are still there Miriam! Meant to reach out several times to check with you.

Thanks so much for stopping by to let us know you weathered the storm.
They really need you in Local and were so smart to keep you!
Hi Linda!
Thank you so much for the kind words :) So many people have been so caring in reaching out to me this past week to see where I am. Yep, I'm still here at Moz and very excited about the future of Moz Local!

We should catch up sometime soon, Linda. I think of you so often and always with the very best wishes for improving health!

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