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Jul 19, 2012
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Hey All,

What is the proper procedure for dealing with setting up listings that serve multiple languages?

I have heard varying advice about this. Some say it's cool to do a separate G+ Local page for each language spoken, some say no way.

I came across two opposing comments in Google's guidelines. I think the first one is the current best practice.

[h=3]Multi-Language Locations[/h]In countries where more than one language is spoken, choose a primary language that you want your listing to be displayed in. Even if users have their browsers set to another language, they'll still be able to find your business on Maps.

But then I came across another thread that pointed out this comment:

Multi-Language Listings

In bilingual countries, it is possible to add your listing in each language spoken in that respective country.

If content of each language is very similar in only one field, such as describing 'Most Famous Restaurant,' it's possible to add each translation in every field. For example, use the following most famous restaurant / restaurant le plus c?l?bre.

If the content needs to be translated in each field, business owners should create a listing for each language. To change the language in your Places account, use the dropdown menu in the upper righthand corner of the web page.

I think the latter comment is outdated though as it doesn't appear on the link Nyagaoslav points to in this thread - http://localsearchforum.catalystema...-1-listing-per-business-address.html#post1936
I would add the name for each language as the primary tag for each language in MapMaker

here is how it works
"For example: if you enter the name of the feature in French and set the language appropriately, the name will be displayed in French to people who have their default browser language set to French. This is useful when features have multiple names that are entered in different languages."

For more information on mm guidelines regarding multiple languages

hope that helps

Thanks Alex. That's a fantastic suggestion!
My understanding always has been that you?ve got to pick your poison and have one listing in whatever language.

For one thing, I believe Google?s advice on listings in bilingual countries must be outdated, what with the lack of custom categories now. Maybe having the same words in two different languages in the business name is OK, but I?m not sure that?s practical in all situations.

My favorite example of a bilingual listing has always been:

The only Nihongo is in the description, but it's enough to get the job done.

And if you click through to the guy?s site, you?ll see that he has a Japanese-language version of the site.

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