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Oct 10, 2012
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So, I recently took over a SEO client and as I got into their Google Places Dashboard I noticed that they have two listings for one of their orthodontist locations. The listings look exactly the same as far as the listing number, but the difference is that one says they serve clients at their location and one says that clients come to them.

The client is ranking well right now and I don't want to mess anything up. What would you recommend doing?

linkes deleted for privacy.

Then for another location they have that is actually in Las Vegas NV, but right on the boarder of that and Henderson, I see the following listings coming up:

Two locations, one in Las Vegas, one in Henderson, different places URL's, a suite number on one of them, but not on the other. 8 unique reviews on one, and 7 on the other.

One of them is not in their main account with their other Google Places accounts.

To top it off, they have another location listed that is an old closed one, but that should be an easy one to report as closed.

I don't want to jeopardize the clients rankings as they have very good rankings. What would you recommend doing?


Moved thread to help since it's specific problems on a client and not a general discussion topic.

Sorry, but lots of issues and to be honest I'd b be doing you a dis-service just answering off the top of my head based on the general explanation without digging in and doing a deep dive. I would need to see and investigate all links and the dashboards to adequately answer. So this one is complicated, beyond the scope of what I can really do as a free consult here in the forum. Would take too much time.

So if you want to contact me for a consult I can do a deep dive.

Or if you want free help, I think you'll need to post the links and complete dash details so folks can look at the listings and try to give you the right answers. The info is just too vague and would require playing 20 questions just to get at the details we need if we can't actually look at the listings. Plus the answers require looking because too many variables to just guess.
Thanks Linda, you can just reply with more info (pricing) or whatever in the email I just sent you in regards to training.

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