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Sep 3, 2014
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Hi -

I looked at this site that was mentioned in a recent post about having city landing pages:


I noticed that all five locations are listed on the home page AND the schema.org microdata for all five locations is also on the home page. That's something that has frequently been held up here as a bad idea.

And yet, this site ranks ok for local searches and organic.

I thought that the standard practice for multi-location businesses was to not list the NAP info for all locations on the home page, but in this case it doesn't seem to be hurting them.

Is this just an exception, or are they doing it in a way that avoids causing a problem, or is it something else that allows them to rank well?


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May 17, 2013
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The problem with doing it like they are is it makes it harder to target their physical locations in local organic search and likely local packs as well. Since they don't have a page per location, with optimized title tags and robust internal and external links, they are likely two steps back on the local organic front. And if their individual location pages were good, and ranking in local organic search, then using them as the landing page for the GMB page would likely improve it's ability to rank where they are physically located.

It absolutely requires a deeper dive and some testing to sort out.
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Jul 22, 2012
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I agree with Dan on this one. A dedicated page for every location is essential for multiple locations, in my book. You may even want to take it a step further and build subpages to support the local landing page. This may work for now but I don't think this strategy is sustainable.
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