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Mar 28, 2018
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I have a pressure washing client in the south Alabama area, who has noticed a competitor has about 10 apparently verified GMB listings. He swears these are not legit listings, that the company only has one location - the owner's residence. Each GMB listing has "of city" included in the name, a different phone number, and no location showing, so it's entirely possible that they are using satellite addresses that my client just doesn't know about it. The map pin doesn't move no matter which location I check, which is concerning. And with my knowledge of the area, it seems like a bit extra to have a different office in, for example, Spanish Fort and Daphne beacuse those two towns are literally 5 minutes apart. The whole thing does seem very shady and suspect.

Anyway, my client got a call from a company - the name escapes me right now, something like "city pages" or something similar to that - who convinced him that, for $500, they can call up Google and get all of his comptetitors superfluous listings removed instantly. We told him that we absolutely do not recommend he do that, but he's somehow angry at us because we can't do anything about his competitor who seems to have worked the system - ignoring that it was just brought to our attention yesterday afternoon. I asked him to give me time to do some research, see if the multiple listings could possibly be legitimate or not, and I wanted to get some outside professional insight on it as well.

I found them by Googling "liquid shine" Alabama. Only one shows up with a physical address, it's the owner's home. This one shows up with the same phone number as what is on his website.

When I look up the individual phone numbers on different locations, they come up with search results for the main website, but each one also has a generic website -
And so on.

I personally don't think the multiple listings are legit, but maybe some of you folks who've been at this longer than me can see something I can't. Or maybe this dude has really just found a way to work the system. This isn't a situation I've come across before, so... any advice/suggestions is appreciated!
More than likely they are bought listings. The pattern sounds like it. I would look for DBA's and if none do the research and submit them via the redressal form. Let Google decide what is and is not real.

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