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Dec 13, 2022
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Hey all! I have a client who owns a bunch of buildings in the same industrial park:

Primary Location - offers service A,B,C,D
Secondary location - offers service A,B,C,D
Opening up a University for their services in 2023
Planning to utilize a 3rd location within the same building in 2024 that also offers service A,B,C,D

It seems like each address provides the opportunity for visibility by using different primary services for each location, even though the locations will all offer all services.

Let me know your honest opinion — would it be worth it? why or why not?

(Industry: HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Appliance Repair)

Thanks for your help, and talk soon!
Are all the buildings owned by the same business, or are they separate businesses? If you have legally separate businesses at each address, and each of them are eligible for a listing per the Google Business Profile guidelines, then you can create multiple listings for each. However, if it's one business that just owns multiple buildings then no I do not think you should create multiple listings. Especially if you are a service area business which cannot set up multiple listings within a given service area.

I think to do this you need to set up multiple businesses, i.e ABC Plumbing and ABC HVAC. Once you have distinct business proof of two separate businesses working out of the same building, then you can qualify for two GBP listings. Each business will need it's own phone number, its own services, and a separate staff.

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