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Sep 11, 2012
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I have a lawyer client and used to show up in C or D spot on few keywords until yesterday but today, his listing shows up in page 3 in places search

I haven't done much of it last 2-3 weeks to the site.

Any idea what causing the problem?

here is link to map
(202) 618-1873 - Google Maps
Hi there and thanks for posting.

You said "used to show up in C or D spot on few keywords until yesterday".

Please let us know what keywords so we know what we are looking for and can research. (I could guess, but if I guess wrong I'd be wasting our time.) :p

I have some pretty good ideas about what could be up, just want to be sure I'm on the right track with the right KWs before I dig in.
Could be they were dinged for having a virtual office? There tons of other businesses using that Suite 300 address, even another tax service and other attys, so not good. 1629 K Street NW, Suite 300 Washington D.C. - Google Maps

When was this listing verified? Because if it WAS ranking it sounds like it was up for awhile. But it looks like a brand new Place page because it's not populated and there is no similar places section at bottom. ALSO no mapmaker history. So yep, looks brand new and if it is, could take 6 weeks before it ranks.

Did you just make a major edit and have to re-verify or something? OR do you have a record of the previous Place page address or CID # or anything? Because this looks like a new listing to me. If you have a record of the original URL we can see if Google deleted it and split off a new listing or something.
dc tax lawyer
dc tax attorney ..

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I know it is Virtual office but it is not brand new verified about 5-6 month.

I know I did some mapmaker last month or so..and I am working on this places page last 2 month so it is not brand new and it just dropped to page showed up page1 spot b-d last 3 weeks.

I did not have major edit and did not have re-verify..

thanks for your great help..
Well it's a def showing up as a NEW listing for some reason. Maybe something you did in MM caused it to be deleted and recreated or something.

Plus you can have a listing at a virtual office or even a fake location or PO box that violates the guidelines and ranks for a long time UNTIL the algo catches up with it or competitor or mapmaker reviewer catches and reports it.

Are analytics showing right now or are they dead? Because normally on new listings that aren't populated with the similar places section at the bottom, that normally signifies a listing has not totally worked into the local database yet AND normally won't show impressions either. (Not always synced like that but usually.)
Maybe that's when this problem hit and the new page was born and started over in the cycle?
suite no display top:confused:

You mean Suite# displayed 1st? That's usually a sure sign that either a mapmaker BOT or maps editor worked on the listing. In MM they add Suite in front of Street address because that's the way it's formatted in the rest of the world.

SO frustrating when that happens!

Hmmm look at MapMarker history. Google Map Maker

Looks like someone with only 6 edits put Suite in front. (so not likely a BOT or a RER.)

Then today another person with only 1 edit just changed address to NO SUITE.
That edit is still pending.
This Tweet came in from LocalU

Mike Ramsey ‏@niftymarketing
Best way to fix the error with suite # displaying wrong when added through mapmaker is to report a problem and google can look at it

Not sure if Mike said that or Joel.

But I recommend using Troubleshooter instead for a variety of reasons. (Go over everything in detail in the training you requested info about.)
If you made Map Maker edits, then there is a good chance that the person that was presented your edit for review deleted your listing.

It also could be that someone editing in the area deleted it.

In both cases, it would be due to the virtual office; they are not allowed on Maps without a verified physical storefront.

Of course, it also could have just been a Places glitch.

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