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Sep 14, 2022
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Here is the situation....We have a client who has an existing Google Business Profile that is:

1. Set up as a service area business (address hidden) at a residential address
2. Currently 'UNVERIFIED' that he needs to try and verify.
3. This unverified profile has 10 reviews.

Sometime in the last month or so, a surprise duplicate listing popped up on the map that is:

1. Showing the residential address
3. Has 0 reviews

He did not create this duplicate profile and has no idea where it came from, but he did go ahead and claim it so they are both managed in his Google account.

As far as we know, both of these profiles use the same address. Since we can't see the address in the SAB listing, we're not 100%, but according to the business owner, it's the same. Both profiles have the same phone number and same website address. The names on the map are the same "The Salty Inspector", but when he views them in his GBP dashboard, the names are not exactly the same, but similar "The Salty Inspector" vs. "Salty Inspector"....not sure what that is about. We think that the SAB listing was verified at some point, but then something kicked it back into needing to be verified maybe changing the name...not really sure.

The goal is to end up with 1 Verified profile that has the 10 reviews still intact.

What would be the recommended order of operations for arriving at that final destination?

Do we need to try and verify the SAB listing first, and then try to merge them? Will the duplicate listing cause him an issue when trying to verify the SAB profile?

Or, Should he remove the duplicate verified listing from his account, then proceed with verifying the SAB listing, then try to get the duplicate removed from the map after the fact?

Or, should he go straight to Google Support to try and get them merged just as they are now?

Or....other options?

Any help or insight into the order in which to approach the issue is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
I would contact Google support and ask them to move the unverified listing into the verified one.
I would contact Google support and ask them to move the unverified listing into the verified one.

Thanks for the response....will they automatically move the 10 reviews, or are we at risk of losing them? Is there anything special we should say to try and keep them intact?...and the verified listing is already in violation of guidelines b/c it is showing an address and is residential...won't that be a problem, or no
They should be able to move the reviews. If the phone number and business name is the same, you shouldn't run into issues.
Would we select "I need to remove a duplicate location from Maps' or 'The same business is listed twice in my account'?


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