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Jan 27, 2013
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Hello. They use US Post Offices and UPS stores to add more and more listings. I've been reporting it to google but I just can't keep up with these guys. They add new listing about every week or so. Now they are getting on my turf and I don't like it. Can someone take a look at some of these listings, please. All locations but one are against quality rules.

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Re: My competitor has 25 listing throughout the Chicagoland and only 1 real location.

Super spammy. I escalated this to Google Monday.

"Companies like this are what makes Google have to crack down and it makes it harder for honest businesses to get and stay listed.

Not only are the locations in violation but most listings I see are TOTALLY keyword stuffed which is a major violation.

Names like: Northbrook Mold Removal and Flood Control - 123CompanyNameRemoved"

Can't believe a company can still get away with all those fake locations and all those totally spammy KW stuffed titles! Surprised the algo does not just nip those in the bud before they even go live!

Kudos and thanks to Gregg and Dan for cleaning that mess up!

Companies like this are what makes Google Local hard for honest businesses!
I 'thought' those all got nuked last I checked. BUT they are all still live except the bottom one.

Plus here are a TON more. (877) 685-6095 - Google Maps
Most KW stuffed titles with multiple listings at the same address.

I just posted at the G forum and I'm sure Gregg, Dan or Google will take care of them.
We gave them directly to the spam team. However, we includes Dan, and I'm sure you can imagine how much spam he alone forwards to that team. In 5 minutes yesterday I found 3 different spam networks to send to that team, off of links of other networks Dan was sending. This is on top of all the other sources that team gets work from. Nothing is instant, but it's still quicker than any other path. And if we delete them ourselves, then the spammers themselves don't get flagged by Google.

Doing lots of homework today to make up for being sick for 3 weeks, I'll try to make time later to look this over and see if we need to update what we sent on or if it just has not been acted upon yet, unless perhaps Andrew has time to do it before then.
Sorry Gregg, didn't know you'd been sick. Hope you are feeling better.

I ADDED TO THE G THREAD after I posted above.

Edited to add, here's another whole spam ring. Related to the 1st. (773) 703-6030 - Google Maps

Different company name and web site but it's all part of the same company. Click through to the EarthGroup site and you'll see it's a subdivision of 123remodeling, the 1st company above. I didn't even have to look at the site to know, just seeing maps listings I could tell it was the exact same spam pattern.

(But I also escalated to Google and there are so many of these, you may want to let the spam team handle. I have to think they have a way to pull them all down at once. PLUS if I easily found all this that's interconnected I assume there is a whole lot more likely all tied to one of the really big scammy SEO companies out there.)

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