Oct 11, 2018
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I had a Google AdWords account that I was using and when running the ads I had the link going to Facebook messager, so they could speak to me. I did receive a warning, but at that time I didn't really know why they were giving me warnings because I DIDN"T READ GOOGLE"S POLICY... Yes, yes I know that wasn't the best practice considering Google was trying to tell me that I was screwing up. Now in my defence, I didn't have all my ads running toward the facebook messager just some of them.
I made some changes on the account thinking that the warning was for other links that were utm links and changed those instead of the FB links, low and behold they hard suspend my account. As if this wasn't bad enough I went into an emotional rant in their appeal form and it was returned with a denial. Instead of me giving facts trying to show them it wasn't intentional I did everything but give them the correct information.

Now with all this said I ask anyone on this form is there a way to recover the google adwords account that I made a mistake on? Any information on this would be helpful even if it means that I can't resolve it. Thank you.


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Oct 5, 2018
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If an appeal has been filed and Google determines
that their original assessment was in error or details
are presented to successfully counter the assessment
by the policy teams, then the suspension will be lifted.

However, if after an appeal has been submitted, and
the original suspension stands, then that usually
indicates that the suspension is permanent --
permanent suspensions usually mean that no
further advertising with Google will be allowed
and there is no fix.

Your best bet to fixing this is contacting the google ads support team, and asking them exactly what's wrong with the account and how you can go about fixing it. They generally aren't the most helpful but they should be able to provide some insight. Then use this link to resubmit the appeal - Account suspension due to violation of Terms & Conditions - Google Ads Help
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