Jul 16, 2013
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I own this site [url]http://www.londonlocksmithsuk.com/[/URL]
About a year ago it suffer a major fall (from page 1 for "London Locksmith" to ~ page 50). After a major DMCA work and new content + design work I'm trying to get it back on top.
The site has a lot of spamy links and I sent a disavow request about a month a go and sent a reconsideration request. For now number of links in Webmaster Tools is the same (disavow didn't work?) and I got a reply for the reconsideration request - no manual punishment on the site.
Now I can see some of the site pages in SERPS, but no homepage (checked the first 20 pages). Can you advice me why my homepage is not relevant to Google?
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Sep 27, 2012
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Start by replacing as many of your spammy links as possible with quality links. Penguin updates targeted sites with crap links. Your homepage is in Google's index it's just a matter of optimizing the site.

No disrespect, but IMO, it looks as if you are forcing your keywords in your home title as well as your page content. Think of your site visitors first, then Google. Besides, it's the people who are going to buy your service, not Google. If they can't read it or be bothered trying to read through your optimization efforts, you are missing out.

Get more flow and more natural content. Consider using more pictures on your homepage and create a stronger conversion funnel. Consider adding some testimonials. You have plenty of calls to action which is good. Lastly, people do not want to hear about you as a company and a rah rah rah sales pitch. They want answers to their questions. Develop your content in that fashion. Speak to them, engage them.

Mostly general recommendations without diving into your site. Do your internal pages show up for various queries?
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