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Dec 18, 2018
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@Colan Nielsen

Thanks Jeffrey for creating this post, I was just about to write a very similar one and tag Colan as I just read his fantastic article about GMB Spamming: How Does Google My Business Penalize Keyword Stuffing: 50 Examples [Case Study] - Sterling Sky Inc

Short explanation is that I have a client in a very competitive seasonal industry: whitewater rafting. There are a total of 24 rafting outfitters for this particular river and unfortunately in the last few months, roughly half of them started keyword stuffing their business names which has resulted in a significant drop in local map ranking for my client.

I read Jeffrey's GMB post and saw Colan's replies. Colan, I've used Google Maps to request removal for competitor's intentional duplicate listings but it is hit or miss even when providing clear evidence. I've never had to post over on the GMB forum for a complaint related to a competitor's name, can you please provide best practices on how to go about this? Do I need to provide photo evidence as @Jeffrey did? What about screen shots of the Secretary of State's registered business name for the offenders? Should I submit requests on both Maps and the GMB Forum? Do I have to submit a separate complaint for a dozen different businesses?

These are not SABs and each of the competitors that are keyword stuffing have road signage, busses, and rafts with their real names w/o the keywords.

Any help either of you can provide would be much provided.


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