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May 20, 2020
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I have a client who owns a tree service business. He changed his business name, address, and phone on his GBP, hoping that he could keep the 150 reviews he had, and was suspended. His request for reinstatement included his updated business license and was denied.
Will he be able to keep the reviews and get reinstated with the new business name or will we have to create a new profile with no reviews?
As long as he can get reinstated, he will be able to keep the reviews. You need to figure out why they were denied reinstatement.
Help! We are stuck in a loop with the reinstatement request-
the original request for reinstatement was submitted on April 11 and was denied.
We requested reinstatement again on May 29 and included the updated SOS registration and local business license. We were advised to reply to the original e-mail thread. We replied there and received this reply:
Thank you for contacting the Google Business Profile team.
We understand your concern and suggest that you reach out to a specialist team that can help address your question. We’d suggest that you report your issue by navigating to “Need More Help?” and following the appropriate steps on the Google Business Profile Help Center. Your issue will be directed to the concerned specialist team, who will help you with a resolution.
The help center directed me to fill out another form, so I submitted it and received the same no-reply email instructing me to reply to the original thread.
I posted a question in the GBP Help community and was advised to reply to the original thread with additional proof and to try again after 3 weeks if I received no response. I replied to the original thread with docs and photos (see attached). I received no reply and went to support once again on June 12.
Once again I got the canned no-reply email asking me to reply to the original email thread.

The Profile ID is 13991521352940977518- The original case ID is [6-2913000033555]

Is there anything I can do to get this escalated to the correct team at Google?


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