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Apr 12, 2014
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Hope I'm posting this in the right thread

I previously built lots of citations for a client but now (because it's a service business) his address
is showing a more abbreviated version. I have also changed their title (thanks Linda) as it looks like
they got a penalty for having kw and location in the title (although that was my targeted kw !)

Original Citation -
Eazy2Move Man And Van London
5 Donkin House
Rennie Estate
SE16 3PQ
07894 811738

In the GPL dashboard
Eazy2move London
Rennie Estate
SE16 3PQ
07894 811738

So the "5 Donkin House" is no longer there

Also when I look at the listing from my dashboard I just see Eazy2move London United Kingdom
Link -

Questions :
Do I need to build some new citations with the "5 Donkin House" removed and obviously the new title ? Or should it be ok as is - but remember the title has changed as well !
Do I build citations/optimize images/geo-target with the address I see in the dashboard or the really abbreciated address shown in the live listing ?
Also with the title change hopefully fixing any penalty - any idea how long before rankings are restored ?

Appreciate any help here :) (BTW I'm new to a lot of this and very slow !)


Most will tell you this is a tough call, because it is. But, if all of your "citations" around the web have the same format as eachother for the address then I don't think it will be an issue. Also, to better understand are you saying you hide the address in the places dashboard?
In the dashboard the address is:

Rennie Estate, London

Is that a correct street address? Sounds like the name of a building?

Is 5 Donkin House Rennie Estate a correct address. Again sounds like apartment building or something.

I don't understand addresses there, but address can only be like 123 Main Street. Can't have anything added like 123 Main Street, Viceroy Building or any other descriptor.

When I plug either of the addresses you list into Google maps, she does not recognize it as a street address.

On Maps: it looks like the street is actually Barry House?

In dash it needs to be the full street address even though live, the address will be hidden.

So 1st thing - need to be sure the NAP is correct in dash before worrying about citations. Then once you are sure NAP in dash is correct, then citations should ideally match (including the address listed on the site.)
Hi Linda,

Thanks so much for looking at that. FYI an estate in the UK is a collection of houses (can be a few sometimes and can also can be 100's or more).

It's odd that Donkin House doesn't show on that map !. I have gone back again (I tried this previously) and edited
the listing and added 5 Donkin House (because I really want this to match up with all my citations). This time the edit seems to have been accepted :) - 2014-04-20_1555 - spainops's library
I have also messaged the client asking confirmation that the address is still correct.

If you remember I changed the Business name from "eazy2move man and van london" to "eazy2move london" after it dropped right out of maps (name changed because it could have triggered a penalty) - cannot see it now although I did see it fall from Page 1 to about 200 in rankings.

So my question now is what to do next - do I wait ? (I'm going to optimize the site as you recommend in the Pro SEO course). Any idea when it may come back ? (the site is ranked well down on organics and has been for some time but has been page 1 in blended for about 2 years)

Is it worth using the Troubleshooter ?


Thanks so much for looking at that. FYI an estate in the UK is a collection of houses (can be a few sometimes and can also can be 100's or more).

It's odd that Donkin House doesn't show on that map !. I have gone back again (I tried this previously) and edited
the listing and added 5 Donkin House (because I really want this to match up with all my citations). This time the edit seems to have been accepted :)

Thing is, does not matter if it's excepted or if it matches citations.

If it's not the actual address. If it's NOT mappable, then Google won't like it. Also doe not matter if it works as a mailing address. Google does not map mailing addresses. They map physical addresses. And a collection of houses is not an address.

Now if it's a valid address and just not showing on the map, that's one thing.
If there, 5 Donkin House, really is that same thing as 123 Main St, then you need to go to MapMaker forum and try to get the base map fixed.

But then again, in looking at that map closer I see other businesses with similar type addresses.

Here is example: Suremove - 22 Dodd House/Rennie Ind Est, London

But they are home businesses so also could be doing it wrong. OR I'm wrong and that's a valid type of address there.

But just like your client's address that one does not map to a street address. Just like yours, all that comes up is that listing and only because Google matches to the address on the listing, does not show like a normal st address does.

So the other thing you could do is ask over at the MapMaker forum if that's a correct address or what the correct address could be. Because if Google does not think it's a valid address it will affect ranking. And even tho address is hidden, does not matter. Google is matching up based on the address in dash.

Here by contrast is how a correct street address comes up.

I got that address for a specific business. Does not show the listing at all. Just shows street view. And if no street view, just give link to that street address on maps. But yours does not give a link to the address on maps, only shows your client which is the only match Google can find.

For instance I live in a cool Condo and I could think, well my condo is cool and all the locals know where it is. So I could put on my listing my address is 1874 Ambiance Condominiums. But that's not correct and is not mappable.

This is why I stress in training, 1st thing need to do is ensure name and address are correct in dash. And can't take client's word for address or use what's on site cuz sometimes they do not have it correct according to Google. Then AFTER you ensure the address is right on listing, you build citations to match.

Is this starting to make sense?
Thanks Linda

Slowly starting to make sense !

What's odd is that this address is always the address that has been in Maps. Donkin House is a block of flats.

I did a satellite view and it shows the marker is in a tree - so you are right there is a problem there !.
(2014-04-20_1734 - spainops's library)

The client messaged me and said yes it's a valid address so I guess I need to take this up at the MapMaker forum.
With this information would you say it's safe to revert the change to his Business Name - everyone else has "man and van london" ?

Also when I search for eazy2move the man and van london still shows in the search bar - see above link - whilst everything else shows as "eazy2move london" ie the revision. Any idea why ?

Thanks for your support I know you are suffering


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Street View (postcode specified) -

Interesting if you don't enter postcode Google gives a different location -
Perhaps that is a good way of checking that Google likes the address (or not in this case)
I did a satellite view and it shows the marker is in a tree - so you are right there is a problem there !.
(2014-04-20_1734 - spainops's library)

No... you searched for business name + address. It pulled up the only listing it could find that matched. It showed that listing.

On listing address is hidden so the marker will be in the middle of the area in your service area settings. The marker will not be where you really are for security sake.

So the marker is irrelevant and the way you listed address in the search is too.

When your name and city is in there, and address even close, it will find what it thinks is the best match.

Personally would not change name back for a couple reasons.

1) Just cuz others do does not mean you won't get caught some day. (It's kinda like speeding. Sure everyone does it, but when you are the one to get caught, "everyone else does it, is not a defense and won't get you out of the ticket/fine.)

2) You were already penalized if your ranking dropped that far and that's the likliest reason for penalty I can see.

3) If you keep making NAP changes all the time Google loses trust in the listing. Thinking like Google, what do spammers do? They try this, see if it ranks, if not tweak, then tweak again.

A legit business never changes their name and if so it's rebranding which would never happen more than every 3 years. No one changes their name for any good reason every 2 weeks.
I understand what you are saying about Nap - great I understand something !

Sorry still confused by this address issue

Here is one I randomly picked up - link

When you look at the maps you don't see Bermondsey Square on the map (like you don't see 5 Donkin House or Rennie estate) but presumably these addresses are mapped correctly - there are several in that square.

So what I'm trying to understand is your original statement - you are saying that because on the diagram you don't physically see donkin house or rennie estate - yes ?

Well the estate is an area so yes you won't see it and donkin house is a block of flats so again you probably won't see it because of that ? So could the address actually be OK ? I guess I need to go to the Maps Forum but I'm just trying to understand this properly.

Sorry if I'm slow here !


Any comments re-last post ?

Been on the Maps Forum and a top contributor said that the address should be fine " It is pointing the appropriate building, so it resolves just fine. Unit numbers are not part of what we map."

So I looked at this again and now I find that a bot? has created a duplicate listing



So this could have caused the rankings issue ?

Is the best action to get Mrs Google to sort that ?



OK the duplicate will be merged and hopefully rankings will be restored

Had all kinds of issue so not been able to post until now.

Google removed the duplicate a couple of months ago. The rankings for his primary keyword were never restored - I could never see his listing anywhere for "man and van london".

So 3 weeks ago I reverted his name back to "Eazy2move Man And Van London". Finally I saw his listing right at the bottom of Places. But now not only does it have a terrible ranking sometimes when I run the Places Scout report it isn't there - sometimes it is.

I purchased both the courses and optimized the website and Gplus - where do I go from here ?. The only thing I can think of doing is backlinks - I have FCS and GSA and Scrapebox. So at the moment I'm building some web2 properties which will link to the pages in the silo structure.

Help !

1) FYI the reason Google created a duplicate in the 1st place is because you had a fake name on the listing to begin with. She found another name so created a listing for it.

2) If you WERE penalized for adding KW and city to the name then that penalty can last up to 8 months. When you fix the listing that does not mean it will rank right away.

3) Every time you change the name or address you break NAP so it can take time to get the ranking back or up.

4) Wish you have asked before changing the name again. Should not have changed name again due to 1, 2 and 3 above.

And now if you change name AGAIN you'll also suffer from #3 again.

Since all this started there is a new guideline that you can add 1 descriptor, so either KW OR city but not both.

I'm really sorry but I don't have enough time to really go back into this one and research everything. I am spread way too thin but just wanted to share the basic info above.

Maybe one of our UK members would be willing to do a paid consult to dig in and get to the bottom of things and try to help you sort it out?

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