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Matt Chauhan

Feb 22, 2021
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Can someone suggest a good alternative to the NAP Hunter chrome extension? Doesn't seem to be working at my end.
Hi Colan,

When I click Hunt after entering my details, I am seeing only blank Google's homepage. No results. I tried contacting them a few weeks back informing them about the issue but got no response.
@Matt Chauhan Here is what chrome suggested as alternatives:
@Matt Chauhan - I use NAP Hunter for some things and, yes, I found that it broke a few months ago.

If you look in the address bar on any one of the tabs it launches, you'll see that each URL starts with

It should be

You can cut and paste search? over the # to correct the URL.

So, yes, this is a manual step and it adds about 30s to the whole process.

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