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Jun 9, 2021
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We have a client in California that is in the process of opening a second location in Florida. We currently use Dialpad for our phone numbers and WhatConverts for form and call tracking purposes (dynamic pool of local tracking numbers).

Our current plan is to:

1) Create Florida number via Dialpad
2) Create a second pool of tracking number for Florida in WhatConverts
3) Add this Florida number to our Florida landing pages

Using this proposed setup. my concern is that Florida visitors will still see a California number when visiting the home page. Any ideas would be helpful.
I've never used WhatConverts. Our agency uses CallRail. If those two are similar where you insert a code in the header and the Javascript will change the number - this shouldn't be a problem.

The first step for a crawler to see your page is pre-render/before Javascript. If that is the case, your original number from Dialpad will show up.

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