Sep 20, 2019
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Has anybody seen this "near" feature in 3-packs before?



LocalU Faculty
Jul 18, 2012
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Hey Kyle,

Can you confirm if you've visited that place you're seeing? This looks similar to the in-between label that Colan wrote about earlier this year which only surfaces if you've visited nearby places.

I'm seeing this for a restaurant I've visited several times. It's kind of funny because that restaurant populates first but then the 2 below it say they're near that one.


Colan Nielsen

LocalU Faculty
Jul 19, 2012
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I'm seeing them as well. A couple observations. The other businesses that it lists on the 3-pack for me are all businesses that I have physically been to in the past.


If you click through to the local finder it changes the wording slightly.


The other thing is that I only see these association when I am logged into my Google account that is the one I use for Google Maps. So it is basing the label on places that it thinks I am familiar with, based on visiting them while logged into that account.

Seems like the same thing I wrote about in the LocalU article Joy linked to.


Jun 24, 2020
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I got this to work last night in the Google Maps mobile app. However, I got something slightly different, I got snippets that made "similar to" judgments about Mexican restaurants near me based on other Mexican restaurants I have visited.

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