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Jul 22, 2015
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I just recently make a new website for Hanaway Ross Law Firm, Hanaway Ross Law Firm. It includes the firm's google map on the Contact Us page. There is a google+ page for the business, as well as a Google My Business page, which shows the firm's map. However, an individual attorney's map keeps appearing next to the website, if the search term "hanaway ross law firm" is entered into Google search. With permission, I claimed the individual attorney's google+ page and changed the website link to a more specific page in the website, but that did nothing. Can anyone help to identify how to jog the relationship, so the firm's map appears when the firm's name is entered into search?

Thanks in advance!
Hey Jane,

This law firm has a ton of practitioner/lawyer pages. The one that is showing ( is probably the oldest one that is claimed from what I can tell. The practice page ( has a bunch of keywords in it's description that I would suggest deleting.

There are all these unverified listings too:

The Bruce listing also had the title as "Hanaway Ross Law Firm: Bachhuber Bruce" until recently so that probably helped it rank for the branded search. It also has both phone #s attached to it's page (both local and toll-free) which are both listed on the website whereas the practice listing does not.
Hello Joy,

Thanks for looking over the law firm situation. The Bruce listing I just claimed a day or 2 ago, so it may be old, but it was not verified until very recently. Where are you looking when you determine the age of a g+ account? Why do you suggest deleting keywords in the firm description? How does that affect linking the map to a search for the firm?

Any suggestions for how to handle the g+ accounts for the individual attorneys. We want them to have a presence, but not overshadow the firm.

I appreciate your insights!
Hey Jane,

Regarding the description, see this:

I'd suggest deleting both instances of "Green Bay Attorneys"

It's hard to say what you should do with the practitioner listings without doing a full analysis of each one and what they rank for without being claimed. It looks like the one for Bruce is the strongest. is probably weak because it lists a toll-free number and it's not even the same one that is on the website.

I looked at the date of the listing based on the oldest entry for activity on MapMaker.
Whew! I sure didn't know that keywords could be considered spammy. Thanks very much for sharing the Shaw article, as well as how you determined the age of the g+ accounts. I'll get to work and shore up the firm listing!

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